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Why Bubblegum Corporation?

Bubblegum is Awesome!

Bubblegum was invented in 1928 by a man named Walter Diemer. He worked at a chewing gum factory (as an accountant!) and was experimenting with all kinds of gum recipes. One day, Walter came up with a formula that wasn’t as sticky as regular gum. It was also super stretchy. This meant you could blow bubbles with it. Unfortunately for Walter, he lost the recipe and had to start experimenting all over again. But after four long months, he figured out the recipe once more. And bubblegum was here to stay!

Bubblegum Corporation is a place where you can develop your own bubblegum recipe or whatever you want. We are here to help each other develop ideas and products in a safe and affordable location with others of like minds. The bubblegum is on us!